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I get it, you want to take things in stride and not bite off more than you can chew when you’re just starting out…

But small steps still amount to massive progress so I have the perfect offer that will meet you exactly where you’re at.

Forget the messy post-it notes and get your podcast act together!

Your Essential Podcast Organizer is a purpose-built Airtable with all the essentials you’ll need to keep track of all your podcast episodes, tasks, guests, and more!

Imagine being able to find all your episodes by topic or know exactly which resources you mentioned.

And the best part? It’s perfect for you to use and even better when you are ready to start outsourcing some of your podcast tasks.

Plus don’t forget, if you love the Essential Podcast Organizer and start to grow your podcast beyond its means, you ALWAYS have the option to upgrade to PRO at any time as you scale your podcast to the moon!​

Available as an add-on to your Pro Podcast Pack for just


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We'll even add a fab BONUS: the Awesome Audiogram Template Set

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This has 3 sets of templates sized for all your social channels and matches the show cover and episode cover templates you already purchased.